Thursday, August 28, 2008

The historic speech

It was now time for Obama to make his appearance- everyone that passed us told us "this is history". They showed a great video about Barack and then he appeared on the stage and the crowd went wild.

The speech was touching and moving and gave me and the crowd hope of the possibility of a new tomorrow. He talked about what he would do when he becomes president in detail.

He also criticized McCain and President Bush for failed policies. There were people cheering and crying. It was a great moment in history!

Go Barack!

Celebrities, celebrities

While we waited the 5 hours - there was a lot of time for people watching. We enjoyed great performances from Jennifer Hudson, Michael McDonald, and John Legend performing together, and the great Steve Wonder. Cheryl Crow sang many songs getting the crowd entertained.

There were many celebrities in the place. We were in front of Oprah's box seats and when she arrived the entire section in front of her turned around to look at her and take pictures. She had Gail with her and many other people and children. Oprah waved to the crowd - she eventually moved back a bit because the crowd was completely turned around just watching her.

We also so Sheryl Lee Ralph, Kanye West, Michael Baisden, Master P, actor Jefferey Wright - Church of God in Christ presiding Bishop Charles Blake and so many more. Everyone was really nice and all the celebs had to wait in line to get to their seats like everyone else.

The Trek to Obamaland

We started our journey to the Invesco field to attend one of the most historic events in US history. It was not going to be easy. There were no shuttle buses from our hotel to Invesco so thousands of us started to make the trek - we walked 8 blocks and along the way we have seen hundreds of vendors selling all things Barack. Barack figurines, Barack buttons, Barack tshirts of every kind - there was one tshirt with Barack on the turn tables. As we made it to the 8th block we had to go to Union Station to take their train system that will take us closer to the field.

Once we packed in like sardines for a 15 minute ride we were faced with a 3 mile line that seemed to go on and on. We were lucky however to have an older person with us and we were able to ride the people mover carts and got us closer to Invesco.

But once there we had to do serious security checks - we had made our way out early - we started at 2:00pm - Once in we found great seats directly in the center in the mezzanine - Great Seats - good thing we got there early - but we now have 5 hours to wait.

Everyone was friendly and excited about what was about to happen - an older lady we came in with stated she did not think she would see this day - she was from Denver. Media was everywhere interviewing the crowd - we had some ourselves.

The place is HUGE but had enough screens for us to see. We will wait now.

excitement in the air

Excitement is in the air for the nomination speech of Barack Obama - Delegates are excited about attending tonite. Some people were teary eyed about the fact that this is the anniversary of Dr. King Speech years ago. Many people have their parents and children with them to document this historic occasion.

The Big Illinois Party

The event D. Williams managed for the Ill. Delegation started at 9pm after the convention was a huge success. Because of the huge response from the party we had 500 people RSVP before the party and we had a total of 900 people to attend. The event started off great with a performance by the grammy award winning Paul Wertico band - they are a jazz band. Paul played with the Pat Matheny Group years ago. They were great. After their performance Senator Ricky "Hollywood" Hendon and WVON's Cliff Kelly took the stage to welcome the crowd.

Senators Mattie Hunter, Emil Jones, James Clayborne, Jeff Schoenberg & Heather Steans took the stage to welcome the crowd and let them know why we were here.

Sen. Mattie Hunter brought to the stage all of the senators in Illinois to give Senator Emil a special presentation for his retirement.

After they got off the stage Soulful singer Terisa Griffin and her band took the stage and ROCKED the house with a selection of songs that had the entire place moving.

On one song Terisa Griffin brought Sen. Emil to the stage and performed a song while he stood there - he was quite embarrassed and ran off the stage when he had the opportunity.

After Terisa brought the crowd to a dancing frenzy the DJ took over and the guests partied until 2am.


I am exhausted - Good nite

As promised here are some more pictures

Presidential Nominee

The crowd at the Illinois Hotel watching Barack Obama become the Presidential nominee was filled with pride and excitement. Delegates who did not go to the convention center watched at every television in the hotel as Barack was nominated. Such a historic event!

Our challenge for today is the big party tht we are coordinating - the Senator Emil Jones, Senator Mattie Hunter Nomination Celebration - we have 1,000 wristbands for entrance at tonite's big event, and we have already distributed half of them. It will be crazy at the door tonight. This is the most awaited event.

more to come!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ill. Delegation Breakfast meeting

The Illinois Delegation Breakfast meeting this morning was a great meeting. The Ill. Delegation has a meeting at 8am each morning at the Marriott Hotel. Today's meeting featured Mayor Daley speaking as well as all of the different Alderman's and city officials speaking.

The most touching moment came when Cong. Bobby Rush made remarks to the crowd - Cong. Rush has been fighting cancer. He talked about he is still an eagle - he just lost a few feathers but he still is a fighter and he will be there to cheer and support Obama. He finished with a standing ovation from the crowd.

The most brilliant moment to date is when Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr made his comments to the crowd. He started to talk about how conventions are a place for togetherness and forgiveness. He gave shouted out to all the reporters who have talked bad about him in the paper and told them he loved them.

He said he wanted to say he loved anyone that he didnt see eye to eye with - and he wanted to give a hug to everyone - Mayor Daley jumped up from his seat and hugged Jesse, Jr. the crowd roared with excitement and laughter -

Jesse, Jr started to pretend to cry - and said how he was so happy for this moment -
then Jesse, Jr. said if he could get Michael Madigan and Gov. Blago to hug it would be a miracle - (these 2 are rivals)

Gov. Blago jumped up and so did Michael Madigan and embraced each other - the media the crowd went crazy in applause.

After Jesse, Jr. finished his speech the media swarmed him in the hallway for more comments. It was a GREAT moment.

Sen. Hillary Clinton

After the Mayor's reception we had to walk several miles to the convention center. I did not have on the right shoes and my feet hurt. The line to get in the convention center was 2 blocks long but moved quickly through security.

When we arrived to the convention center the place was packed - the stage great and all of the media outlets were broadcasting live from inside and out. We finally found a seat and watched all the speakers waiting for Senator Clinton. I am deliriously tired at this time - being up since 3am from the flight.

There was a Hillary Video that came on about her and then Chelsea Clinton took the stage and introduced her mother. Chelsea has grown up to be quite beautiful. Hillary did a great speech - the crowd went wild - She had quite an impact.

We left as quick as we can=- exhausted!



Before we went off to the convention we stopped off at Mayor Daley's reception that took place at the Performance Center - we loaded onto the shuttle leaving from the Marriott and took a 15 minute drive down the street- lots of streets closed.

After being searched at the door with security - Mayor Daley greeted all the 400 guests at the door. The room was beautiful with a jazz band playing on the stage. Many top political and corporate officials were in the room enjoying the moment.

Mayor Daley started and officials opened up the program of speeches welcoming and talking about supporting Barack Obama. We were surprised when Michelle Obama was introduced and came to the podium to make remarks to the crowd. She looked great from with a light brown dress with flat shoes to match. Her make up was flawless and her hair was gorgeous. She was an inspiration to me and others, as she spoke about her Barack and her children and the mission they are embarking on.

AFter the speech we all rushed off to the convention!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meeting people

Coming into the Marriott where the Illinois Delegates are staying - I am seeing many famliar faces that live in Chicago. Everyone is networking and catching up. Rev.Willie Barrow is encouraging everyone to network, network and network.

We did a walk thru of the ballroom where the Ill. Delegation Nomination celebration will take place. We will have over 700 people at the reception. I am concerned as more and more people are calling in we will max to 1,000. (oh boy) But we are excited.

It is 3:00pm and we are heading to Mayor Daley's Reception at the Performing Arts Center and afterwards going to the convention center and then to the comedy store for a high profiled event.

Thanks for logging in


Arrival In Denver

We are here in Denver, CO - it was a good flight and I am traveling with my assistant Lutonya and Deloris MeBain. We are up and out starting at 4:30am our flight was out by 6:20am.

We have already met some interesting people before we leave the airport. This lady continued to ask us if we had tickets to the convention and followed us around the airport.

The entire trip was easy as well as getting luggage.
The view of Denver is very pretty with the mountains at every turn.

We have just checked in the hotel and are eating
breakfast- have meetings with the hotel
staff at 10:30am to discuss the Ill. Delegation celebration
that will take place on wed. evening.

All is well. Check in later on this evening -
We will try to hit the Lifetime Channel
party as well as a networking event hosted
by Exelon and this afternoon attend the Rock
The Vote Hip Hop summit.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Democratic National Convention

D. Williams Public Relations Group will be blogging from the Democratic National Convention from Tuesday, August 26th- Friday, August 29th. Please check back for updates on the convention!

Sunday, August 17, 2008




Sports and Entertainment Magazine takes readers inside the lives of athletes

Houston Texan Will Demps graces cover!

Florida- Sports and Entertainment Magazine (SET Magazine) announced the launch of its newest magazine that will hit stands September 2008. SET Magazine will offer an in-depth look behind the scenes of famous athletes and celebrities; showcasing their families, vacations, lifestyle and give a bird's eye view of multi-millionaire celebrity lifestyle. SET will also offer vivid photographs and one-on-one up close interviews with the nations top celebrities that you won't find in other magazines.

The magazine boasts of giving fans unparalleled access taking them past the world of stats and scores to reveal the interior world of professional athletes and their families. SET Magazine will circulate 50,000 copies in Barnes & Nobles, Borders and 7-Eleven.

Publisher Danisha Rolle says this Magazine is geared towards women who love sports and watch sports television shows but do not pick up sports magazines. "I started this magazine with women in mind, but the magazine is for all sports enthusiast," says Rolle, who is wife to Samari Rolle, cornerback with the Baltimore Ravens.

SET Magazine will also launch their new website in conjunction with the release of the magazine. will feature more than what is in the magazine.

Visitors to the web-site are able to get information on hottest and newest luxury items, hottest travel destinations and also watch SET TV, a sports entertainment magazine show. SET TV highlights cover photo shoots and covers events hosted by top athletes.
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