Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Arrival In Denver

We are here in Denver, CO - it was a good flight and I am traveling with my assistant Lutonya and Deloris MeBain. We are up and out starting at 4:30am our flight was out by 6:20am.

We have already met some interesting people before we leave the airport. This lady continued to ask us if we had tickets to the convention and followed us around the airport.

The entire trip was easy as well as getting luggage.
The view of Denver is very pretty with the mountains at every turn.

We have just checked in the hotel and are eating
breakfast- have meetings with the hotel
staff at 10:30am to discuss the Ill. Delegation celebration
that will take place on wed. evening.

All is well. Check in later on this evening -
We will try to hit the Lifetime Channel
party as well as a networking event hosted
by Exelon and this afternoon attend the Rock
The Vote Hip Hop summit.


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