Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Big Illinois Party

The event D. Williams managed for the Ill. Delegation started at 9pm after the convention was a huge success. Because of the huge response from the party we had 500 people RSVP before the party and we had a total of 900 people to attend. The event started off great with a performance by the grammy award winning Paul Wertico band - they are a jazz band. Paul played with the Pat Matheny Group years ago. They were great. After their performance Senator Ricky "Hollywood" Hendon and WVON's Cliff Kelly took the stage to welcome the crowd.

Senators Mattie Hunter, Emil Jones, James Clayborne, Jeff Schoenberg & Heather Steans took the stage to welcome the crowd and let them know why we were here.

Sen. Mattie Hunter brought to the stage all of the senators in Illinois to give Senator Emil a special presentation for his retirement.

After they got off the stage Soulful singer Terisa Griffin and her band took the stage and ROCKED the house with a selection of songs that had the entire place moving.

On one song Terisa Griffin brought Sen. Emil to the stage and performed a song while he stood there - he was quite embarrassed and ran off the stage when he had the opportunity.

After Terisa brought the crowd to a dancing frenzy the DJ took over and the guests partied until 2am.


I am exhausted - Good nite

As promised here are some more pictures

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