Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ill. Delegation Breakfast meeting

The Illinois Delegation Breakfast meeting this morning was a great meeting. The Ill. Delegation has a meeting at 8am each morning at the Marriott Hotel. Today's meeting featured Mayor Daley speaking as well as all of the different Alderman's and city officials speaking.

The most touching moment came when Cong. Bobby Rush made remarks to the crowd - Cong. Rush has been fighting cancer. He talked about he is still an eagle - he just lost a few feathers but he still is a fighter and he will be there to cheer and support Obama. He finished with a standing ovation from the crowd.

The most brilliant moment to date is when Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr made his comments to the crowd. He started to talk about how conventions are a place for togetherness and forgiveness. He gave shouted out to all the reporters who have talked bad about him in the paper and told them he loved them.

He said he wanted to say he loved anyone that he didnt see eye to eye with - and he wanted to give a hug to everyone - Mayor Daley jumped up from his seat and hugged Jesse, Jr. the crowd roared with excitement and laughter -

Jesse, Jr started to pretend to cry - and said how he was so happy for this moment -
then Jesse, Jr. said if he could get Michael Madigan and Gov. Blago to hug it would be a miracle - (these 2 are rivals)

Gov. Blago jumped up and so did Michael Madigan and embraced each other - the media the crowd went crazy in applause.

After Jesse, Jr. finished his speech the media swarmed him in the hallway for more comments. It was a GREAT moment.

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