Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Before we went off to the convention we stopped off at Mayor Daley's reception that took place at the Performance Center - we loaded onto the shuttle leaving from the Marriott and took a 15 minute drive down the street- lots of streets closed.

After being searched at the door with security - Mayor Daley greeted all the 400 guests at the door. The room was beautiful with a jazz band playing on the stage. Many top political and corporate officials were in the room enjoying the moment.

Mayor Daley started and officials opened up the program of speeches welcoming and talking about supporting Barack Obama. We were surprised when Michelle Obama was introduced and came to the podium to make remarks to the crowd. She looked great from with a light brown dress with flat shoes to match. Her make up was flawless and her hair was gorgeous. She was an inspiration to me and others, as she spoke about her Barack and her children and the mission they are embarking on.

AFter the speech we all rushed off to the convention!


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