Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Trek to Obamaland

We started our journey to the Invesco field to attend one of the most historic events in US history. It was not going to be easy. There were no shuttle buses from our hotel to Invesco so thousands of us started to make the trek - we walked 8 blocks and along the way we have seen hundreds of vendors selling all things Barack. Barack figurines, Barack buttons, Barack tshirts of every kind - there was one tshirt with Barack on the turn tables. As we made it to the 8th block we had to go to Union Station to take their train system that will take us closer to the field.

Once we packed in like sardines for a 15 minute ride we were faced with a 3 mile line that seemed to go on and on. We were lucky however to have an older person with us and we were able to ride the people mover carts and got us closer to Invesco.

But once there we had to do serious security checks - we had made our way out early - we started at 2:00pm - Once in we found great seats directly in the center in the mezzanine - Great Seats - good thing we got there early - but we now have 5 hours to wait.

Everyone was friendly and excited about what was about to happen - an older lady we came in with stated she did not think she would see this day - she was from Denver. Media was everywhere interviewing the crowd - we had some ourselves.

The place is HUGE but had enough screens for us to see. We will wait now.

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