Friday, September 12, 2008

Project Runway Show

I am excited about the big Project Runway show - even though I am very upset that Terri is not showing her designs in this show, and she is the best of all of them especially Jerrell, Suede and Joe. We cannot believe she is not show =- but we arrive at the tent which is a mad place with hundreds of people - guests, fans and media outside waiting to get in.

We all show our entrance badges and go into the tent which is beautiful with a lobby that has great show pieces - while we wait to get in.

Terri is mobbed by media and fans. (she loves it!) Heidi Klum opens the show and the six designers come out one by one to show their collection - first it is Jerrell (hate it!) then Suede (the collection looks like it came from my grand mother's closet) then comes the collection of joe (his collection was surpisingly good) Kenley ( aahright) Korto (great music - nice collection - she needs to push it to the edge a bit more - Leanne (she did a fabulous Job) Leanne will probably when Project Runway

After the show we head backstage to say good job to Korto, leanne, Suede and Joe - Once Terri leaves the tent the media went crazy once again

Great show!

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