Wednesday, November 5, 2008



Election Day was one of America's best days. In Chicago the excitement and anticipation was in the air all day. Most of us were keeping busy just waiting for the results of the polls. As evening arrived we had many election night parties to attend - so we started off in Ill. State Senator Mattie Hunter's private suite party at the Palmer House Hilton. She had many state officials in the place and dinner and drink to feed an army.

We all watched the election polls come in and was just excited about the moment. We left to go to the Hilton and Grant Park where Barack's celebration was taking place. The streets were crowded with people and excitement. People were shouting out poll numbers from the street and every few feet there was a street vendor selling Barack Obama items.

I started at Cong. Jesse Jackson, Jr. event which was also hosted by TV1. Thousands of people poured in the Hilton's grand ballroom - as we watched the big screens on polls. When Barack was annouced the winner the room went into complete hysteria, people were shouting, screaming, jumping, crying - it was powerful and emotional. WOW!

I left the ballroom for a minute and went over to Senator Emil Jones suite, which was an entire floor and had a great view to Grant Park. There we watched Barack make a wonderful speech that left everyone in the room crying.

Upon leaving went to Grant Park to feel the excitement and energy of the crowd. Celebs out everywhere. Back to the suite at the Palmer House for a night cap and finished by 2:30am