Saturday, October 31, 2009


(October 26, 2009) ESSENCE magazine received special industry recognition recently as a magazine that reaches beyond the printed page to build a future as a finely-honed media brand. The publication was ranked No.6 on the 2009 Advertising Age Magazine A-List! This honor underscores the influence of ESSENCE's audience and indicates the brand's authority as the place 'Where Black Women Come First.'

In acknowledgement of this honor, ESSENCE President Michelle Ebanks presented a commentary on targeted media entitled, "In the ABC's of Targeted Media, ESSENCE scores an 'A'-List" --pegged to the brand's inclusion on the list:

"In the world of publishing, targeted media serves specific segments of the population who share a similar passion and/or mindset. There are countless niche magazines that are popular and relevant -- but are facing a myriad of challenges only exacerbated by the current advertising downtown.

"Many marketers cite a lack of a dedicated budget when deciding not to support targeted media with ad dollars and argue that they are already reaching a targeted audience --such as Black women -- by advertising in mainstream publications. With a limited understanding of an audience that's nuanced, marketers should accept the indispensability of brands like ESSENCE. As stated in Advertising Age with respect to ESSENCE, "With the 'pulse of a community' firmly in grasp, marketers benefit."

"By investing in research that enlightens our advertisers and expanding our offerings beyond traditional print to reach Black women everywhere in a way that's authentic -- ESSENCE is an example of targeted media that works. We celebrate her essence and empower her life's passions every minute of every day and we know more about this group of women than anyone else."

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