Sunday, October 4, 2009

@ Journalist Did you get my press release?

@Journalist Did you get my press release?
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The last few weeks I’ve started noticing some PR people I follow on Twitter give a heads up to twittering journalists about a press release they’ve sent them. It usually goes something like “@journalist Just sent you a release. Let me know what you think.”

Now, not going to name names because that’s not the point of this post, and besides no one’s saying this is bad etiquette. However, it does smack a little of old school PR tactics.

From this small sample journalists are relatively for the approach. That said, just like in social media, you’re dealing with different views and preferences and no one-size-fits-all approach will work. This doesn’t mean that all journalists on Twitter want to be @followedupped. You still run a risk of being blocked. Also, as @charlesarthur and @jimboeth say, an @followup should be instead of a follow-up call and not as well as.

The responses from PR people are on the whole against such such tactics. If this is a true representation of PR people on Twitter then it’s certainly a good thing as it shows that we’re being more cautious when networking online. Maybe too cautious judging by the journalist’s responses?

Considerations when @followupping journalists about news releases:

Make sure they’ve clearly stated that they don’t mind @followups
Make the choice: @followup? Or follow-up call? (personally @followups seem better)
Understand that you could be blocked from said journalists and ridiculed online for all to see
PR’s competitive – understand that your competitors can see what you’re up to (if they’re Twitter savvy that is)
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